Our Legal Technology Strategy

Quality Legal Technology Services at a Substantial Savings

E-Discovery is not just a buzzword. E-Discovery is Discovery, and at Zelle Hofmann we know that providing our clients the highest quality legal services includes harnessing state of the art litigation technology to sift through massive volumes of electronically stored information (ESI) during discovery and trial preparation.

Traditionally, clients and law firms have turned to E-Discovery vendors for ESI processing and hosting services. Enormous vendor costs and the inefficiencies inherent in vendor services led Zelle Hofmann to build a better mousetrap. By investing in experienced E-Discovery professionals and innovative systems, Zelle Hofmann offers a highly cost-effective litigation technology service alternative to the traditional dependence on vendors.

Scope of Services

Zelle Hofmann works with its clients and co-counsel in handing all aspects of E-Discovery, as shown in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) below. Additionally, the firm utilizes state-of-the-art litigation technology that spans the EDRM diagram, from data collection through presentation. 

When outsourcing is appropriate, Zelle Hofmann works with clients and co-counsel to engage the best litigation service providers in the industry. Zelle Hofmann’s National E-Discovery Counsel, Eric Mandel, provides leadership and practical guidance with advanced workflows to take the greatest advantage of all available technology as a case moves through the discovery lifecycle.

To view a sampling of Zelle Hofmann’s litigation technology services, please click here.

Best of Breed Litigation Technology + Continuous Improvement

Zelle Hofmann has implemented a best of breed model for litigation technology, supported by a continuous improvement process.  In simple terms, we find the best tools on the market for performing specific tasks, we provide ongoing training to our litigation support staff, we implement industry best practices, and we continuously seek out ways to improve.

Zelle Hofmann’s Current Litigation Technology Primary Tool Set

BIA TotalDiscovery

Zelle Hofmann licences BIA’s TotalDiscovery, an online eDiscovery solution that integrates legal hold and remote data collections, as well as initial analysis and review tools. With no software to install or hardware to deploy, the powerful enterprise-class features and expert workflows in TotalDiscovery can be utilized on demand to easily and defensibly collect data from around the globe and quickly deliver relevant documents to Zelle for review.

Nuix® eDiscovery

Nuix eDiscovery is a powerful and intuitive framework for data processing, investigation, and analysis. Nuix enables Zelle to rapidly process large data collections, locate critical evidence, search for data patterns, and bulk cull irrelevant data prior to review.

LexisNexis® LAW PreDiscovery™

LAW PreDiscovery is an imaging and electronic discovery application that allows Zelle to process and convert scanned documents prior to review and production.

PureDiscovery® LegalSuite

PureDiscovery provides Zelle Hofmann with advanced, state-of-the-art data analytics and visualization tools, as well as semantic concept searching, data clustering and classification, and near-duplication identification.  With PureDiscovery, Zelle Hofmann attorneys are able to quickly locate themes and patterns in large data sets, identify relevant batches of documents, and review documents in bulk.

kCura Relativity®

Relativity is a web-based, electronic discovery software solution for the review and management of ESI and paper-based data. Relativity provides law firms powerful, easy-to-use features to streamline workflows and create cost efficiencies.

Thomson Reuters® Case Notebook / Case Timeline

Case Notebook simplifies the organization of case information for Zelle Hofmann attorneys, allowing them to easily locate and interconnect relevant facts, documents, transcript materials, case law developments, and witness information.  Case Timeline quickly formats and displays relevant facts and dates to provide visual information and to create demonstrative exhibits for hearings and trials.

InData TrialDirector®

TrialDirector presentation software gives Zelle Hofmann attorneys the ability to organize exhibits and depositions, and enhance their case presentations at hearings and trial.