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Zealous Women

Zelle has long been committed to diversity, recognizing that powerful advocates come from a variety of backgrounds and solutions to hard problems invariably benefit from diverse perspectives and ideas. Recent years have seen a substantial growth of the firm’s female attorney population, with women now constituting almost forty-five percent of Zelle’s associates.  The firm is excited about its strong core of female talent and its goals emphasize not only recruiting women and minorities, but also retaining them by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to promote success and professional fulfillment. 
To help meet these goals, the firm launched the Zealous Women website in the fall of 2009. The site is the brainchild of a lively discussion during the firm’s 20th Anniversary Retreat where its female attorneys recognized that women bring a unique perspective to their professional lives, and to dispute resolution, in particular. Women are many things: professionals, wives, mothers, friends, sisters, and daughters. Women use their experiences in these diverse roles when they approach disputes every day, from a conflict between colleagues or friends to complex litigation. Based on this conversation, Zelle's female attorneys banded together to create a place where women can explore these unique approaches to dispute resolution through articles, profiles, message boards, and other resources. Thus, Zealous Women was born.

Although created by the women of one law firm, the goal is to provide a forum where all women who resolve disputes, in both their professional and personal lives, can celebrate their successes and consider the complexities of their lives. Zealous Women strives to provide both young and seasoned professionals with resources to aid in professional and personal growth. Our attorneys are committed to creating a dialogue among a diverse group of women that will lead to successful dispute resolution.

When people disagree, Zealous Women find a solution.

To learn more about Zelle’s Zealous Women initiative, please click here to view an in-depth case study published by Women Legal magazine.

If you have additional questions related to any of Zelle's diversity efforts, please feel free to contact our Diversity Coordinator, Kristin Suga Heres at

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