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Zelle Hofmann’s “Zealous Women” Launch New Web Site

October 15, 2009

Zelle Hofmann and its “Zealous Women” announce the launch of, a Web site focused on female attorneys and women in dispute resolution.

The brainchild of a lively discussion during the Firm’s 20th Anniversary Retreat, Zelle Hofmann’s female lawyers banded together to create a place where like-minded women—at Zelle Hofmann and elsewhere—can explore unique approaches to dispute resolution through articles, profiles, message boards, and other resources.

“Women are many things – professionals, wives, mothers, friends, sisters, and daughters,” said Zelle Hofmann Partner and Zealous Woman, Patricia St. Peter. “The site’s goal is to provide a forum where all women who resolve disputes on a daily basis, in both their professional and personal lives, can celebrate their successes and consider the complexities of trying to find that work/life balance.” includes news, events, and spotlights highlighting women in the legal industry. To support the site’s interactive approach, actively solicits additions and comments from its visitors.

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