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Zaelke Interviewed on NPR's "All Things Considered" Regarding Climate Change

January 13, 2012

Partner Durwood Zaelke was interviewed during a January 12 story on NPR's All Things Considered. The story focuses on climate change, specifically the need for scientists to consider not just carbon dioxide but also the other pollutants that warm the planet, especially ground-level ozone, black carbon, and HFC refrigerants. Durwood, who runs the Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development in Washington, D.C., says it's time to take a broader look at climate solutions. "You can't expect one treaty system [Kyoto] to address every cause of climate change," he says. "It's too complex of a problem."
To read a hard copy of the complete story entitled "To Slow Climate Change, Cut Down On Soot, Ozone," or to listen to the story online, please click here
Durwood is an international environmental law specialist focusing on sustainable business practices and litigation involving  public health and environmental threats.