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Discovery Strategies – What We Can Do

When an organization faces litigation, information – particularly electronically stored information – matters more than ever.  When you or your clients face litigation that requires electronic discovery, Zelle’s Information Law Practice offers best-of-class skills and resources that most organizations and law firms simply do not have available in-house.  We are able to partner with other law firms or work directly with businesses and in-house counsel, as e-discovery counsel and as experts, on specific cases and in the creation of company-wide litigation response and management and programs. We listen and tailor our involvement to the needs of the case and the organization or firm that retains us.  Our goal is to provide efficient, cost-effective discovery support that frees our clients to focus on the merits of the litigation and on running their businesses.

We welcome your inquiries about our services, which include the following.

Case-Specific Discovery Support

Litigation Response and Management

Organizations that regularly face litigation and electronic discovery may be best served by creating a litigation response and management program.  Such a program anticipates the demands of litigation and prepares the organization to respond to those demands swiftly, consistently, defensibly, and with minimal disruption.  We can assist in this effort through the following services:

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