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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Zelle has extensive experience in resolving disputes by obtaining settlements through mediation or representing clients in formal arbitrations. Several of our partners also have served as arbitrators in insurance or reinsurance disputes or acted as mediators in assisting parties to reach reasonable settlements in matters in which our firm has no interest.


Zelle attorneys have participated as counsel in insurance or reinsurance arbitrations in the United States, Canada, Bermuda, England and South Africa. We have represented policy holders as well as direct insurers, captives, ceding companies, reinsurers and retrocessionaires in matters involving a broad category of issues including: aggregate extension clauses, fraud and collusion, negligent misrepresentation, bad faith, punitive damages, consolidation, automatic and optional reinstatements, sunset clause, declaratory judgment expenses, follow the fortunes, late notice, offset, claim allocation, number of occurrences, extra-contractual damages, ex gratia settlements, and the right to associate or control.


Zelle attorneys understand that in many cases there are advantages for its clients if a reasonable settlement can be obtained without incurring the expense and risk of trial. This is particularly true in the type of large dollar, multi-party cases in which we are frequently involved. We have worked with many of the foremost mediators in the nation to negotiate settlements in high-profile cases. Zelle lawyers have obtained mediated settlements favorable to our clients in class actions, multi-party environmental cases, mass tort cases, multidistrict litigation and antitrust cases.

Practice Contacts

Thomas H. Cook, Jr.


Rolf E. Gilbertson


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