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Zelle’s Information Law Practice began because we wanted to do one thing – complex litigation – better.  Today, it promises to help us and help our clients do many things better. This is the story of how it developed.

Several years ago we – like many of our clients – faced a choice. We could continue to place ourselves at the mercy of e-discovery vendors in major cases where we fronted the litigation costs, or we could come up with a better way. We chose a better way - and it has made all the difference.

The solution was simple in concept: (1) make sure that we understand the law and requirements of e-discovery as well as the best experts so that we can make informed decisions about what we really do and don’t need to do; (2) control the e-discovery process up front, working with co-counsel (or the court) to get reasonable limits on scope and form of production in place from the outset; and (3) employ best-of-class technology tools and solutions for document review and production.

To accomplish this we hired a leading e-discovery attorney/technologist and invested in our own technology platform and tools. The result was that we realized considerable savings on e-discovery costs, while better and more proactively managing the risks and reaping the benefits of e-discovery done right. Over time, we also began to offer these services to clients in our hourly defense matters, and they realized the same benefits we did. Major cost savings. More control over the process. Better efficiency. Using e-discovery as an effective tool in litigation – not just playing defense.

If that were the whole story, it would be a good one and we’d be happy to tell it.  But the story doesn’t end there. 

It wasn’t long before we began to realize the power and potential of the technology and methods we had at our disposal.  The ability to move, store, access and analyze huge amounts of electronic data is good for a lot more than complex litigation.  It works for a number of important business applications, including investigations and aspects of regulatory compliance.  We also realized that the technology and methods themselves are at the center of a body of law – some old, some new – that touches a lot of what we do and how we do it in our other areas of practice.  With those realizations, the Zelle Information Law Practice was born.

We know that not everyone has an interest in building out their own internal capabilities to this degree. But you don't have to. If best-of-class skills, technology and solutions sound interesting to you, give us a call.  Let's discuss how we can help you.

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