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Investigations - What We Can Do

Investigations take place in organizations for many reasons and may be undertaken voluntarily or imposed by an outside entity.  They may be narrowly tailored – such as an investigation to determine whether a single employee has engaged in wrongdoing – or quite broad, such as a multi-year, multi-product review of consumer complaints.  When investigations involve the identification, retrieval, analysis, and presentation of electronically-stored information, Zelle’s Information Law Practice can work with in-house or outside counsel to ensure efficiency and focus. Our employment, insurance, antitrust, and business litigation attorneys frequently collaborate with clients and the Information Law team to assist in such investigations.

Our expertise and technology will add value and efficiency if your organization faces a major audit or investigation from a government agency, is contemplating a significant or sensitive internal investigation or wishes to assemble and analyze large amounts of electronically stored data for other business purposes.

We invite your inquiries about our services, which include the following:

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