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Relativity Review is a web-based, electronic discovery software solution for the review and management of ESI and paper-based data. Relativity provides law firms with powerful, easy-to-use features to streamline workflows and maximize the efficiency of document review, coding, redaction and production.

Relativity Analytics provides Zelle with advanced data analytics and visualization tools, as well as semantic concept searching, data clustering and classification, technology assisted review, continuous active learning, e-mail threading and near-duplication identification. With Relativity Analytics, Zelle attorneys are able to quickly locate themes and communication patterns in large data sets, identify relevant batches of documents, and review documents in bulk.

Relativity Processing is a powerful eDiscovery software used for electronic document processing and data analysis. Relativity Processing enables Zelle to rapidly inventory and process large data collections, search for data patterns and critical evidence, and cull non-relevant data in bulk prior to review. Relativity Processing is integrated into Zelle’s Relativity Review platform allowing us to deliver the data to the review team quickly.

Case Notebook from Thomson Reuters simplifies the organization of case information for attorneys, allowing them to easily locate and interconnect relevant facts, documents, transcript materials, case law developments, and witness information. Case Timeline quickly formats and displays relevant facts and dates to provide visual information and to create demonstrative exhibits for hearings and trials.

TrialDirector presentation software gives Zelle attorneys the ability to organize exhibits and depositions, and enhance their case presentations at hearings and trial.

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