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Our Legal Technology Commitment

At Zelle, we continuously strive to provide our clients with the highest quality. In the realm of legal technology, we focus on:

Ingenuity. “The power of creative imagination.” Ingenuity is the catalyst we use in mixing technology, scientific principles, and intelligent processes to come up the best solution - ensuring defensibility and appropriate protection and achieving maximum cost efficiency.

Defensibility. When making decisions about E-Discovery, a key consideration is defensibility. Defensibility comes down to ensuring that the processes and technologies used, the people who choose and employ them, and the results of their efforts all meet the legal requirements associated with litigation, including (1) avoiding spoliation while preserving, collecting and handling ESI, (2) protecting against loss or alteration of ESI during the discovery process, (3) meeting discovery obligations in a complete and timely manner, and (4) meeting the requirements for admissibility, including authentication and best evidence.

Protection. We appreciate that our clients entrust us to protect their confidences. The protection of those confidences is at the core of the attorney-client relationship. Zelle’s E-Discovery and Legal Technology systems are designed to provide our clients, their information and their confidences, with the highest industry standards for protection against loss, theft and disclosure.

Cost Savings. Soaring volumes of ESI directly correlate with soaring costs of E-Discovery. At Zelle, we pride ourselves in understanding clients' needs and working with them to find cost savings throughout the litigation lifecycle. This requires using appropriate tools and best practices to reduce the amount of information that ultimately must be reviewed. By processing and hosting ESI internally, Zelle creates workflow efficiencies and eliminates vendor profit margins yielding better service at a lower cost to clients.

Excellence. Everything at Zelle is geared towards providing our clients with excellent service. We have heavily invested in people, processes and technology required to provide our clients with the highest standards of excellence in managing E-Discovery, controlling costs, ensuring defensibility and protection, and coming up with resourceful solutions to the most complex E-Discovery problems.

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