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Legal Technology

Several years ago Zelle – like many of our clients – faced a choice. We could continue to place ourselves at the mercy of e-discovery vendors in major cases where we fronted the litigation costs, or we could come up with a better way. We chose a better way - and it has made all the difference.

The solution was simple in concept: (1) make sure that we understand the law and requirements of e-discovery as well as the best experts so that we can make informed decisions about what we really do and don’t need to do; (2) control the e-discovery process up front, working with co-counsel (or the court) to get reasonable limits on scope and form of production in place from the outset; and (3) employ best-of-class technology tools and solutions for document review and production.

The Legal Technology Group is operated as a boutique service provider, designed to provide our clients with the highest quality services and state-of-the-art technology they would expect to find at any highly respected national service provider.  Click on the images above to learn more about our best-in-class technology, the related services we offer, and our commitment to our clients.

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