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Intellectual Property, Technology and E-Commerce

Zelle has been involved in many intellectual property coverage disputes. Zelle attorneys have litigated these issues in a majority of states and federal forums. Representing its insurance company clients, the firm has tried several advertising injury coverage actions arising out of trademark and patent infringement as well as other intellectual property disputes in the computer software and other high tech industries. The firm has amassed a working database of decisions, comments, and experts in the field.

Zelle's technology and E-commerce practice area is a function of its clients offering new products to the emerging technology industry. This line of business is creating challenging coverage and liability issues. Zelle is committed to remaining at the forefront in counseling its clients and defending their insureds in this rapidly changing world of technology. The firm is monitoring the development of law related to this industry and is accumulating a database of issues and decisions, consultants, and experts similar to what it has amassed in the construction defect, property, environmental, intellectual property, and "bad faith" areas.

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