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Representative Matters

Advising reinsurers in connection with aggregation and coverage on inwards COVID-19 losses.
Advising reinsurers in connection with COVID-19 claims presented by captive insurers.
Represented insurer in arbitration against its reinsurer concerning liability for underlying multi-billion dollar property damage and time element claims made following destruction of the World Trade Center complex on September 11.
Represented reinsurer in $73.5 million reinsurance claim involving business interruption coverage for lost sales of a high-end computer server.
Represented cedent in a reinsurance arbitration over whether a loss involving an ammoxidation reactor was a reinsured boiler and machinery loss, an unreinsured property loss, or a combination of the two.
Represented fronted reinsurer against ceding insurer in arbitration over a primary reinsurance program for industrial energy and chemical risks throughout the world.
Represented retrocessionaires in arbitration with ceding reinsurer over an accident and health reinsurance program involving disputed application of follow-the-fortunes/settlements doctrine, allocation of claims/losses, and number of occurrences questions
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