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CAT-Law Navigator

Catastrophic events drive a significant amount of insurance claim activity, and the CATs and the resulting claims involve complicated and fascinating factual scenarios. Inevitably, those scenarios lead to legal disputes and court rulings that impact everyone involved in the insurance claim world. Staying on top of those developments is important in dealing with current CAT claims, preparing for future CAT events, and understanding how all claims and related litigation are being impacted by CAT disputes.

Whether you are handling claims, managing claims teams, monitoring industry trends and risks, or providing consulting services to insurance clients, we hope you will look to the CAT-Law Navigator to keep you plugged in to relevant CAT-Law developments.

LatAm Insurance Navigator

The region commonly referred to as "Latin America" consists of Central America, South America, and some islands of the Caribbean. Historically the peoples of Latin America have a common shared experience of conquest and colonization by the Spaniards and Portuguese from the late 15th through the 18th century as well as movements of independence in the early 19th century. While there are many similarities amongst the various Latin American territories, there are also vast differences in customs, business practices, and insurance laws and regulations. Understanding the nuances of each Latin American country is a critical component in the better handling of underwriting and claims issues that arise in this unique environment, which is why it is important for (re)insurance professionals participating in these countries’ markets to maintain their finger on the pulse of each beat for change.

Whether you are handling claims, underwriting risks, or providing services to the (re)insurance industry, the LatAm Insurance Navigator will bring you professionally useful and poignant information about topics of interest in the region affecting your insurance-related work.

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