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Zelle Hofmann Attorneys to Present at 2015 PLRB Claims Conference

April 1, 2015

Zelle Hofmann partners Steven Badger, Lindsey Davis, Dan Millea and Todd Tippett will present at the 2015 PLRB Claims Conference, which will take place March 30—April 1, 2015 in Anaheim, California. 

Badger, a partner in the firm’s Dallas office, will co-present on the topic “Hail Damage Claims: What The Hail™ Is Going On?”  During the session, Badger and co-presenter Jim Koontz of Jim D. Koontz & Associates will:

  • Identify hail damage to roofing materials (as opposed to other types/causes of damage)
  • Evaluate common coverage questions – such as the definition of physical loss or damage to roofing materials, determination of date of loss, and the effect of late notice
  • Appraise hail damage claims – what types of claims are subject to appraisal and common issues arising during appraisal process
  • Describe common adjustment issues, including dealing with public adjusters, roofers/claim consultants, etc.

Davis, a partner in the firm’s Minneapolis office, will co-present on the topic “Avoiding Bad Faith Allegations in Property Claims” with Dan Anderson, director of property claims with Western National Insurance.  The presenters will discuss the following topics:

  • Good faith claim handling practices and effective claim-file management
  • Review of fact patterns and judgments from bad faith cases from various federal and state jurisdictions
  • Good faith claim handling practices and effective claim-file management techniques
  • Making effective and good-faith based claim-file management decisions

Millea, a partner in Zelle Hofmann’s Minneapolis office, will present on “Mediation: Removing the Mystique” with Tony Clark, principal with Clark Insurance Arbitration, and Laura Hughes, executive general adjuster with OneBeacon Insurance Group.  For this session, the presenters will:

  • Differentiate mediation, appraisal, and arbitration
  • Identify the factors in a dispute that would make it proper for mediation
  • Analyze the mechanics of setting up, preparing, participating, and properly concluding a mediation

Tippett, a partner in Zelle Hofmann’s Dallas office, will co-present on the topic “Building Codes: Verifying Applicable Building Codes for Claims Adjusters” with Nicholas Gadzekpo (Building Code & Standards, PLRB) and Dottie Harris (VP State/Local Gov. Relations, International Code Council).  During this session, the presenters will:

  • Identify various building codes and determine which particular codes apply
  • Describe how most jurisdictions enforce and administer their codes and ordinances
  • Employ various code indexes to identify which technical provisions might apply for various claims
  • Identify resources available for verifying building code applications

For additional information, or to register for the conference, visit the PLRB Claims Conference website.

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