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McElroy to Serve as a Panel Moderator During MReBA's Second Annual Symposium

September 20, 2010

Zelle Hofmann Partner Wm. Gerald McElroy, Jr. will serve as a panel moderator during the Massachusetts Reinsurance Bar Association's  Second Annual  Symposium. The panel entitled "Navigating Through the Ethical Thicket in Reinsurance Arbitrations," will consider recent case law addressing ethical issues in reinsurance arbitrations and key ethical issues which affect the fairness and integrity of the reinsurance arbitration process, such as limits on the partisanship of party arbitrators, what constitutes “evident partiality,” the type of disclosures which should be required of arbitrators and umpires, the impact on umpire neutrality of party arbitrator appointments by one of the parties to an arbitration, problems with “gaming the system” in the umpire selection process, and the advisability of creating more stringent guidelines to address the conduct of party arbitrators and umpires.

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