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Zelle Hofmann Announces Retirement of Firm Founder

Larry Zelle Retires From Practice of Law to Form Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice
September 29, 2015

Zelle Hofmann Voelbel & Mason announces the retirement of Larry Zelle, a founder of the firm, effective October 1, 2015.  After a legendary career as a trial lawyer, Zelle will leave the active practice of law to serve as an arbitrator or mediator in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings.

“There comes a time in the life of a trial lawyer when one stops looking ahead to the next victory. Yet, we have a need to stay active and productive. That is our nature. This is my time,” said Zelle.   

During his legal career, which began in 1959, Zelle earned his reputation by obtaining successful results for clients in many high-profile cases including: the MGM Grand fire; the Hyatt Regency Hotel walkway collapse; the General Mills Cheerios product recall; the Bhopal, India disaster; and the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in New York, among others.

“Over the years, as we have grown Zelle Hofmann, added practice lines and expanded internationally, Larry has been a constant force in the firm and has been instrumental in building a legal powerhouse,” said Dan Millea, a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. “He leaves a legacy that includes his unselfish mentoring of those young partners who became the leadership of the firm in the 21st century and his development of an institutional client base that continues to be a significant part of the firm’s success. Most importantly, he has been an essential role model to all of our lawyers, by insisting that the Zelle firm provide the highest quality of legal services to its clients. The firm is grateful for Larry’s many contributions.  We wish him well as he launches the next phase of his distinguished career.”

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