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Practice Note: Primer on (Re)insurance Market and Dispute Resolution in England & Wales

MReBA Cover Notes
March 15, 2011

Zelle Hofmann attorney Jason Reeves authored an article entitled "Practice Note: Primer on (Re)insurance Market and Dispute Resolution in England & Wales," published in the Spring 2011 issue of the Massachusetts Reinsurance Bar Association's Cover Notes newsletter.

The London market is a key component of the (re)insurance industry and must be understood in context. It is a distinct marketplace and is facilitated by a highly developed legal framework.  English legal precedents that address difficult insurance problems are frequently cited in judgments in foreign jurisdictions. And, with London still the center of the (re)insurance world, English law often has the final say in resolving (re)insurance disputes. This article is not a comprehensive review of the London market or English law, but rather provides an overview of interesting and distinct points for Americans to consider when London may become involved in a reinsurance dispute.

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