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Top Tips . . . On Appraisal

TIPS Dispute Resolution and Property Insurance Law Committees - Fall 2015 Newsletter
December 14, 2015

Zelle Hofmann partner Todd Tippett wrote an article titled "Todd Tippett's Top Tips . . . On Appraisal" for the Fall 2015 issue of the TIPS Dispute Resolution and Property Insurance Law Committees Newsletter.

Appraisal has traditionally been used by both policyholders and insurance carriers to resolve “amount of loss” disputes in first-party property insurance claims. In the not-so-recent past, appraisal was generally limited to quantification (a determination of how much it cost to repair damage), and everyone recognized that appraisal was not an appropriate method to determine questions of causation, coverage, or liability. More recently, however, the scope of appraisal has broadened in many jurisdictions, and it is now being used to resolve claim disputes that go far beyond mere disagreements about the cost of repair. As a result, policyholders and insurance carriers alike are often having differences of opinion regarding the use of appraisal and seeing more frequent abuse in the process.

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