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Trademark Law: Use, Registration, "Policing" and Other General Strategies Regarding Trademark Protection

September 23, 2010

Zelle Hofmann Partner Christopher Micheletti authored an article entitled "Trademark Law: Use, Registration, "Policing" and Other General Strategies Regarding Trademark Protection." This article provides trademark owners with some basic guidelines to follow in order to accomplish the goal of protecting their existing trademarks.

Businesses of all kinds focus on producing quality goods and services for their customers.  A key element of any business is developing and maintaining a reputation for providing goods and services that consumers or others come to rely upon and expect whenever purchased. Trademarks are symbols of the good will of the company’s product or service, and provide a shortcut for consumers—instead of researching a product each time they want to make a purchase, they may simply choose a brand they know and trust.  For these and other reasons, trademarks are among a company’s most valuable assets.  If another company, particularly a competitor, begins using a trademark that is similar enough to confuse consumers, then your reputation can be damaged.  Additionally, the competitor gets a free-ride on all of your work.  Through proper use and protection of trademarks, trademark owners may protect these invaluable assets.  Indeed, trademark registrations and related rights are one of the few assets in business that can last forever if properly maintained, protected and used. 

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