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Zelle LLP Providing Claim and Legal Updates to Insurance Industry in the Wake of Harvey

August 31, 2017

Hurricane Harvey will drive a significant amount of insurance claim activity, and the resulting claims are certain to generate novel factual and legal questions. Zelle LLP attorneys have handled some of the most complex cases arising out of natural disasters such as Tropical Storm Allison (which impacted Houston in 2001), Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricanes Rita, Wilma and Ike. Zelle LLP has also been at the forefront of issues arising from the “synthetic” CAT caused by the explosion of hail claims in Texas, including case law developments, barratry issues and legislative responses. Drawing on its extensive experience in natural disaster, energy and other property claims, Zelle LLP will be providing information and insights as the insurance response to Harvey develops, with knowledgeable commentary on topics of interest.

Insurance professionals handling claims, managing claims teams, monitoring industry trends and risks, or providing consulting services to insurance clients, can look to Zelle LLP’s CAT-Law Navigator as a source of up-to-date information regarding Harvey and how it will impact industry practitioners.

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