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Anaysa Gallardo Stutzman Quoted in FL Record Regarding AOB Reform

March 20, 2018

Anaysa Gallardo Stutzman, a partner in the Miami office of Zelle, was quoted in an article in an article titled “Despite increasing assignment of benefits fraud, some see hope for reform” that was published in the Florida Record. 

A surge of assignment of benefits fraud has left Florida residents with higher rates for their insurance, and the Florida Legislature has let another year go by without enacting changes to stop such instances of fraud. 

A category of fraud has appeared in Florida in the form of assignment of benefits water claims, which, though the complaint process is straightforward enough, the settlement is far from simple, as vendors and contractors have discovered a way to be paid out far more than their actual labor would cost. 

In the article, Gallardo Stutzman is quoted regarding the progress and hope for reform of assignment of benefits-related fraud in the state of Florida. 

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