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Steven Badger Quoted in SE Texas Record Regarding Disputed Harvey Claims

June 11, 2018

Steven Badger, a partner in the Dallas office of Zelle, was quoted in an article titled “Texas Watch op-ed over lack of Harvey payouts sparks rebuttals, expert calls piece the ‘same old rhetoric’” that was published on the SE Texas Record website.  

In May, Texas Watch, a self-labeled consumer advocacy group, released an opinion piece arguing an “assault waged by insurance companies” in the state legislature has left many Hurricane Harvey victims still unable to resume their lives eight months later.

The May 14 op-ed, titled “The insurance lobby has destroyed Texas property rights,” has since sparked a slew of rebuttals from tort reform groups, a trade association and strong criticism from Badger, who says “it’s the same old rhetoric from Texas Watch.”

“If Texas Watch really wants to help Texas consumers, they ought to give me a call and arrange a time to meet and talk about ways we can work cooperatively in helping Texas homeowners get their disputed Harvey claims resolved quickly and fairly,” said Badger. “I can assure you that is the objective of every single one of my insurance company clients.”

Click here to read the article that appeared on the SE Texas Record website.

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