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Zelle Hofmann Forms Joint Diversity Initiative with Upwardly Global

July 20, 2010

As part of the firm's new Diversity Outreach Plan, Zelle Hofmann and Upwardly Global have formed a joint initiative to improve immigrant inclusion in the workplace while further nurturing a culture of diversity at the firm.  Upwardly Global is an award-winning nonprofit organization bringing highly qualified immigrants and highly progressive employers together.  As two organizations whose core values include building diverse workplaces and strong communities, this partnership represents a unique opportunity to put our values  in diversity into action and to create increased impact through collaboration.

The initiative provides several programs for Zelle Hofmann to further its commitment to diversity, including in particularly, hosting industry-specific roundtables, involving its lawyers and staff in volunteer opportunities,  and sponsoring "Angel Island Passport to Possibilities" in celebration of Angel Island Immigration Station’s centenary and Upwardly Global’s ten year anniversary.

In partnering with this organization, Zelle Hofmann joins Upwardly Global's extensive Employer Network of like-minded, diversity driven professionals and executives.  For further information about Upwardly Global, please click here.

To learn more about Zelle Hofmann's new Diversity Outreach Plan, please click here.

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