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International Competition

In today’s global economy, anti-competitive activities are occurring on a worldwide basis.  As a result, focus on cartel activity by regulatory agencies has expanded globally in recent years.  In particular, the European Commission has become increasingly aggressive in its investigation and assessment of penalties against cartels, and there have been a number of significant developments in the European Union aimed at facilitating private damages actions for violations of Community competition law.  In addition, China’s Anti-Monopoly Law, the country’s first antitrust legislation, came into effect in 2008. 

In this context, Zelle is uniquely positioned to represent victims of global cartels in private actions to recover damages from the cartelists.  We have over 35 years of successful antitrust experience, particularly in litigating against price-fixing cartels, and have represented major United States and foreign companies in antitrust and competition cases.  Furthermore, we have substantial international experience, and have partnered with international law firms in the United Kingdom, European Union, China and Canada in competition law cases.

For example, Zelle attorneys represented the British subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company in the first-ever private antitrust action brought in the courts of the United Kingdom.  We have participated in competition and antitrust litigation in other European countries, and are currently involved in several “follow-on” matters, seeking to recover the damages our clients suffered at the hands of cartelists in cases where the European Commission has found an antitrust infringement.  We have also been very active in China, where we counseled the Chinese government with respect to its newly-enacted antitrust law.  In Canada, we are actively involved in competition and antitrust litigation with a network of Canadian co-counsel.

The increasingly global nature of trade calls for the need to achieve global resolution of competition and price-fixing claims.  Zelle, in concert with co-counsel, is aggressively pursuing private actions on a global basis and has achieved global recovery for victims of cartels.

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